Model: Bronwyn Field. West Laramie



Dancer: Maliina Jensen. Vedauwoo, Wyoming

Shot digitally and on 120mm film






Mixed media projection installation “Cyclical”

Set for the 2017 Annual Juried University of Wyoming Student Exhibition

David Reif Sculpture Award, award recipient 2017

Laramie Public Arts Coalition Topo-X Projecting Place, award recipient 2019


Cyclical was a study born of revisited childhood memories and reflection on the coping mechanisms used as a child. Video games as means for escapism was something I observed often in my family as we steadily faced the new and painful realities of living disconnected from each other. The digital gaming world became a real place to escape to, but, relying on this place doesn't heal the emotional damage lingering in a child's being. Anger, escapism, and isolation become a cyclical experience.






Screendance “Self Defined”

Choreographed + Filmed by Sydney Edwards. Dancer: Heidi Carlson

Laramie Public Arts Coalition Topo-X Projecting Place, award recipient 2019



Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 12.22.40 PM.png

Self-Defined symbolizes a dark place in our minds were we allow the negativity of the outside world to sully our innocent understanding of self worth. This dark place we've all become acquainted with at some point in our youth is represented by an aged and underutilized attic space in Laramie's Historic Civic Center.



Documenting "Dance in Unlikely Places"

Made possible by the Larsh Bristol Memorial Fund Grant