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Let’s create something meaningful with…

compassionate sessions

focused + detailed posing guidance

film-inspired editing + retouching

Let’s reject the stale and boring posing of the “classic” or “timeless” portrait…



We’ll never JUST smile at the camera or stand in stale poses. Instead, we’ll play, dance, twirl, cheer, explore, breathe, and have fun with it! Completely natural and unposed. I love to shoot organically and subtly guide my clients through movement prompts so that we capture the candid, natural, fun moments that make you and your portrait session unique.

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Dance Photography





Kinesthetic x Creativity

Dancers deserve a photographer who understands the unique timing and aesthetic of dance technique, and can communicate with them through specific terminology and dance-based instruction. My educational background in dance greatly informs how I direct dancers and move with them to capture the detail, angles, and emotion of every movement and position.

Did you know? I received my B.F.A in Dance Science…

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Let’s create something meaningful together…

by shooting uniquely emotional and playful portraits that bring back all the love and memories every time you look at them. My photography style draws out the expressive, fun-loving, bright and exciting person in all of us! You are abundantly wonderful - and you deserve photos that are, too!

Couples. Engagements. Weddings.

Natural moments of love, bliss, + wild abandon

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