Frequently Asked Questions and good things to know:

What do you shoot with?

Always with my Canon 5d Mark III + a Sigma 35mm and a Canon 135mm, sometimes with my 35mm film cameras… (and rarely with my 120mm film camera)

Do you deliver prints?

No, all of my deliverables are given digitally in a personal online gallery (Welcome to the future!). Click here to see what that looks like

Will you shoot family photos?

No. At this time, family portraits aren’t a good fit for my approach and style.

Will you shoot headshots?

No/maybe... I really don’t enjoy straightforward/proper/commercial headshots.. If you are an artist/creative who wants unique portraits in place of a “classic” headshot then I think we will be a great fit! But for formal headshots needed for business, resume, or auditions… you would have more success going to a photographer who does commercial work - and I can happily give you recommendations to other great photographers! :)

How long will it take to get my photos?

For all portrait sessions about 1 week. For weddings, please allow up to 3-4 weeks. (Photos are withheld until payments are complete)

Do you give RAW/unedited photos?

No way!

Can you “photoshop” me?

Eh… not really… I know we are our own worst critics and it can take a lot of vulnerability to have your photo taken. I appreciate the trust you’re putting in me to capture you at your best - so I will always retouch minor flaws or inconsistencies on EVERY PHOTO I deliver to the best of my ability, but I will not “photoshop” or make any major changes to your appearance.

What should I wear?

SO GLAD YOU ASKED. Check out my Pinterest boards for inspiration:

Where should we shoot?

Late spring, summer, and early fall are great times to shoot outdoors here in Wyoming… and I mostly shoot outdoors unless my client has an indoor location that they’re able to use. I also suggest that people consider taking photos in their homes!





It’s a matter of what you’re excited about, what you want to express, and what you’re comfortable with!

I believe we look our best in photos that appear candid, unposed, and completely natural. I’m talking hair flowing, big laughs, wrestling in the grass, playing and dancing around! It takes a certain level of collaboration to achieve this look and I rely heavily on the confidence of my clients and their willingness to be unabashedly themselves in front of the camera, to play around, and to be open to the fun movement prompts I give during our sessions! No, I don’t mean you have to be totally confident or a “model” - It’s completely normal to feel like you’re awkward in photos (we all do!) - but if you’re willing to have fun, PLAY, and not take it too seriously, we’ll come up with some AMAZING and full-of-life images!



My photography style draws out the outgoing, fun-loving, bright and exciting person in all of us! You are abundantly wonderful - and you deserve photos that are, too! We’ll never just smile at the camera or stand in stale poses. Instead, we’ll play, dance, twirl, cheer, explore, breathe, and enjoy ourselves! Completely natural and unposed! I love to shoot organically and subtly guide my clients so we capture the candid, natural, fun moments that make you unique!



I only want to shoot portraits that are meaningful to the people in them, that are full of real genuine blissful moments, and are overflowing with emotion!

I share this information because honesty is extremely important when you’re hiring a creative, and you deserve a photographer that fits your needs, comfort level, and vision - and if it ends up not being me, that’s okay! I can happily give you recommendations to some incredible photographers who might fit your needs better :)