Kathy Vreeland, Reformation Dance Company

“I have known Sydney since before she first started taking pictures for fun. I followed her carefree pictures of friends on Instagram and noticed she really had an eye for capturing people and their true selves…
Time after time she has nailed every idea… and I will continue to use her as Reformation Dance Company’s own photographer because she just “gets it”, is super creative, and is just a really lovely person. She totally captures my company’s look and if you see anything on our website or Facebook/Insta it is a product by the incomparable Sydney Edwards. I love her!!!! We love her!!!”


“She has an incredibly creative and unique eye…

“Sydney Edwards is an absolute joy to work with! She has an incredibly creative and unique eye, and a nice calming presence during a photo shoot. I was impressed with how quickly she had photos ready for me to use, and how many great photos she was able to capture! An absolutely stunning human and affordable photographer.”

Hannah Guthrie, Dancer


“She captures feeling, energies, and true essence at the same time…”

Clara Somerset, Artist


“Sydney is incredibly professional and sweet…

Her creative eye is the best I’ve ever worked with and met. I could give her a vague character and she would turn it into art!”

Rissa, Cosplay Artist


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